• 2023 Fall Style Guide

    As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, it's time to transition your wardrobe for the autumn season. With this guide, we're here to assist you in discovering the ideal accessories to complement your fall outfits. Whether you're seeking elegant nature-inspired jewelry for a special occasion or a playful statement piece to elevate your everyday ensemble, our collection offers a little something for everyone.
  • Celebrating the Whimsical Mushroom

    At Chadds Ford Jewelry, we're thrilled to introduce our delightful mushroom-themed collection, inspired by the thriving mushroom industry in and around the neighboring town of Kennett Square, PA. This whimsical collection, which includes necklaces, earrings, pins, and stickers, captures the magical essence of these fungi. Explore our collection and immerse yourself in the cute and captivating world of mushrooms while honoring our beloved community's agricultural heritage.
  • Bees, Butterflies, & Sunflowers

    Among the many iconic emblems of summer, bees, butterflies, and sunflowers stand out most prominently. Each holds a unique story and a profound meaning, capturing the essence of this vibrant season. The diligent and purposeful buzz of bees reminds us of industrious teamwork and the sweet rewards of collective effort. The graceful dance of butterflies mirrors the fleeting yet exquisite moments that summer brings, embodying transformation and the delicate beauty of life's stages. Meanwhile, the resplendent blooms of sunflowers turn towards the sun, a symbol of positivity, growth, and warmth. In my final summer-themed jewelry collection, I aim to capture the beauty of these natural treasures, allowing you to carry the spirit of summer's brilliance wherever you go.
  • Pumpkin Collection

    Pumpkins, with their rustic and inviting charm, have secured a special corner in my heart. It's a delight to witness these vibrant fruits adorning my garden, gracing my yard, and sometimes even surprising me at my doorstep, delivering unexpected moments of warmth and happiness. My fascination with these resilient and versatile gourds has driven me to curate a collection that celebrates their natural allure, simple elegance, and enduring spirit. My latest creations aim to capture the essence of pumpkins, enabling those who wear them to carry a slice of nature's enchantment wherever they wander. I'm excited to share more about these pieces and my admiration for pumpkins with you in this guide!
  • Our Demi-Fine Jewelry Collection

    Our range of demi-fine jewelry, which includes precious metals and semi-precious gemstones, encompasses a variety of elegant pieces that reflect the inherent beauty of the world around us. Our demi-fine jewelry not only embodies exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail but also offers a more affordable alternative to fine jewelry, which, even at the most basic levels, can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We are proud to present this luxurious yet affordable opportunity to embrace nature's beauty through our stunning collection!
  • Our Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

    When you place an order here at Chadds Ford Jewelry, we want you to be as delighted with your package as you are with your nature-inspired keepsakes. Our team has worked hard to create an extraordinary packout and unboxing experience that not only protects your order but also presents it in a way that brings you a sense of joy and overwhelming satisfaction. Leveraging a combination of both practicality and aesthetics, our beautiful packages capture the natural essence of our brand, and they also make gorgeous gifts for friends, family, and loved ones!
  • Fourth of July Style Guide

    Introducing our Chadds Ford Jewelry Fourth of July Style Guide, a curated collection of stunning jewelry pieces that embody the spirit of patriotism and celebration. This style guide is your go-to resource for creating fashionable and festive looks that pay homage to the historical significance and natural beauty of America. Discover a range of beautiful red, white, and blue accents into your outfits, explore nature-inspired designs that reflect the landscapes of Chadds Ford, and find inspiration for accessorizing with jewelry that captures the essence of American pride. Elevate your Fourth of July style with our Chadds Ford Jewelry today!
  • Sterling Silver: Revisited

    As human beings, we have an innate connection to nature. We find beauty and solace in the natural world around us. For me, this connection has been the driving force behind my love for creating nature-inspired jewelry out of sterling silver. In this article, I wanted to share a little bit about why I love working with sterling silver, and show you a few photos of our newest designs.
  • Turquoise Materials Guide

    Turquoise is a beautiful and dynamic gemstone that effortlessly captures the essence of the natural world. Its vibrant blue-green tones emulate the serene landscapes, lush woodlands, and rushing waters of the Brandywine Valley, making it the perfect accent for many of my keepsakes. This striking material symbolizes the beauty and harmony of nature, and working with turquoise in my designs is a true joy. I am eager to share more about turquoise with you in this guide. 
  • The Beauty of Birds

    The birds outside my window and in my garden serve as constant reminders of the beauty and resilience of nature. Their melodious songs fill the air, creating a soothing symphony that awakens my senses and stirs my imagination. Their vibrant feathers, adorned with bright, cheerful colors, ignite my creativity, reminding me of the vast palette of possibilities that exist in the world of jewelry design. To honor these beautiful creatures, I have recently added several new bird-related designs to our collection here at Chadds Ford Jewelry! In this guide, I would like to take you on a tour of my newly curated Bird Collection and revisit some of my favorite existing avian-inspired designs.
  • Our Memorial Day Style Guide

    Memorial Day is time for remembrance and spending time with loved ones. This Memorial Day, embrace your patriotic spirit with stunning jewelry pieces that capture the essence of wild America and elegantly complement your attire for any occasion. Here at Chadds Ford, our collection encapsulates the essence of Memorial Day, infusing it with sophistication and grace. Discover the perfect accessories to elevate your ensemble and pay homage to this meaningful holiday with ideas from our Memorial Day Style Guide below.
  • 2023 Summer Style Guide

    Welcome to Chadds Ford Jewelry's Summer Style Guide! As the weather heats up, it's time to trade in sweaters and jackets for your favorite warm weather outfits. With this guide, we'll help you find the perfect accessories to complete your summer wardrobe. Whether you're looking for delicate nature jewelry to wear to a formal event or a whimsical statement piece to add some flair to your everyday look, we have something for everyone. We hope you enjoy this guide!