6 Ways to Enjoy Nature

6 Ways to Enjoy Nature

Every morning, I go for a walk to clear my mind and enjoy the invigorating sensory experience of nature. No matter the season or the weather, taking the time to get outside is one of the best ways to even my mood and allow me to reflect on how grateful I am to live in such a magnificent place. I was recently reading an article about how nature can make us kinder, happier, and more creative, and it inspired me to think about the ways in which we can all interact with our natural world. In this post, I wanted to share with you some easy ways to head outdoors and appreciate the inspiring beauty of nature.


A daily walk through your neighborhood, around a park, or in a verdant nature preserve can do wonders for your outlook on life. Pour yourself a hot cup of tea on cold days or bring an ice cold bottle of water during the warmer months, and head out for a short or long jaunt (schedule permitting). I love that I always see something remarkable, which inevitably inspires me for the remainder of the day. Many studies suggest that walking is an important way to let one’s mind rest – one study showed that participants who went on a 90 minute walk through a natural environment ruminated less and showed less neural activity in an area of the brain linked to mental illness than those who walked through an urban environment. Give your brain some much needed relaxation and head outside for a walk!

Running & Exercising

If you would like to do double-duty and enjoy nature while squeezing in a more intense workout, you could always go for a run or do your exercise outside. Here are my suggestions for working out outside:

  • Look at a trail map of a local park or preserve and chart your course ahead of time.

  • Alternatively, find a trail and see where it goes! Just make sure you don’t get lost, and remember where you parked your car.

  • Do some high intensity interval training (HIIT) in a park or in your backyard.

  • Find a location that allows open water swimming.

  • Do some sunrise or sunset yoga in a park or on your beach vacation.

There are many ways to stay active outdoors, but finding something you truly enjoy and look forward to is key. 


If you find yourself often feeling stressed or a bit on edge, the practice of meditation can really help. My favorite go-to apps are Headspace, Calm, and InsightTimer, which provide short, guided practice for meditators of all ages and ability levels. Although it takes an open mind and some practice if you’ve never done it before, meditation can help with calming your nervous system and allowing you to carry out your day from a place of stability and peace. Science suggests that coupling meditation with time in nature can even enhance its effectiveness – one study from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh suggests that participants who were exposed to green space experienced higher levels of meditation and lower levels of frustration than those who were exposed to urban areas.


If you love to write or create artwork, grab your materials and head to your favorite outdoor place. Perhaps you’re working on a novel, writing poetry, or simply journaling – many writers (like me) need to get away from screens, noisy coffee shops, and other loud distractions to do our best work, and I can happily scribble away to the sound of peepers, birds, and squirrels rustling in the bushes. If you are an artist, nature can be an endless source of inspiration – you can sit down with your sketchbook in front of a boggy marsh to sketch a few cheeky turtles or set up your canvas in front of a vibrant wooded area to create a rich landscape commemorating your time outside. While this is a little bit more challenging during wet and cold weather, creating outside has always been one of my favorite outdoor activities. 

Do you love spending time outdoors?


As you likely know by now, I firmly believe that gardening is good for the soul. I love digging my hands into the dirt and working with plants – it grounds me and helps me feel like I’m truly connected to nature. While I always try to stay protected from the sun, I think there’s definitely something to be said for soaking up its mood-improving vitamin D, as well. If you have a traditional garden, getting outside is pretty straightforward. If you are looking for gardening alternatives, try one of these activities:

  • Plant a potted vegetable garden on your porch or back deck – this is easier to maintain than a full-scale garden, and it will still bring you joy!

  • Rent a spot in a community garden.

  • Volunteer with your local nature preserve to take care of the trails – many trail systems have volunteer programs that will allow you to get your hands dirty on the weekends!

  • Join a local gardening club to meet other gardening enthusiasts.

  • If all else fails, don’t forget that you can grow plants in your house or on your window sill – plants don’t have to just be for the garden! Keep a piece of nature inside with you at all times.

There are many ways to stay active outdoors, but finding something you truly enjoy and look forward to is key. 


If you have children in your life, take them outdoors for some free play and adventuring. This will help them explore nature, get some exercise, and give their minds a rest from screens and schoolwork. Here are some ideas:

  • Take them on a nature walk, identifying birds, plants, bugs, and wildlife along the way.

  • Try to identify birds by their songs.

  • Send them on a nature scavenger hunt in the backyard or at the park.

  • Set up a water table or yard games outside.

  • Take them to a playground.

  • Go for a picnic.

  • If you're feeling really adventurous, go camping!

One study from the University of California showed that people who are exposed to scenes of nature demonstrate increased helpful behavior and a more ethical way of dealing with moral dilemmas – playing with children outside is a win/win for everyone! 

Let's Go outside!

There are many ways to get outside, enjoy nature, and allow our minds to rest from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The most important thing, however, is just that we find ways to do it that bring us joy! What is your favorite way to spend time outdoors? Let me know in the comments. If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate the beauty of nature, check out my collection of nature-inspired jewelry!

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