Behind the Scenes: The Woodland Creatures Collection

Behind the Scenes:
The Woodland Creatures Collection

No matter the season, Chadds Ford and the Brandywine Valley are busy with the sounds and sights of woodland wildlife. In the Woodland Creatures Collection, I have endeavored to capture the magic of our region's birds, bugs, and other animals with playful yet elegant designs forged in durable, stunning materials. In this article, I’d like to share a bit more about the inspiration behind the Woodland Creatures Collection. 

The woodland Creatures Collection

When I first started designing nature jewelry, I knew that I wanted to include the wildlife who make the hills, valleys, and forests of Chadds Ford feel like home. The sounds of birds singing overhead, squirrels rustling in the bushes, bugs bumbling through the air, and frogs splashing into water create a vibrant and lively atmosphere that makes Southeastern Pennsylvania come to life. To honor this vivacious range of creatures, I have developed one of my most whimsical and stylish collections to date: the Woodland Creatures Collection. In this selection of keepsakes, playful designs are accentuated by bright, eye-catching materials, perfect for anyone who loves the wild and magical nature of wildlife. Here is a bit more about the pieces included in this collection:

  • Each design offers a whimsical interpretation of our local wildlife.

  • Sterling silver and antique silver over brass feature prominently in this collection.

  • Turquoise and opal accents provide elegant, eye-catching flourishes in many designs.

  • In some pieces, crushed turquoise and sand combine for a natural whimsy inspired by the Brandywine River.

  • Stainless steel chains are durable and accentuate the beauty of every design.

Embrace the wilderness with our Woodland Creatures Collection.

Behind the Scenes: Inspiration for Woodland Creatures

As I developed this new collection of keepsakes, I wanted to make sure I captured the wild and whimsical nature of my favorite birds, bugs, and animals. Here is as bit more about my inspiration for this lighthearted yet refined collection:


In every season, the landscapes of Chadds Ford are always echoing with a beautiful chorus of birdsong. Cardinals, sparrows, and other songbirds flit busily about, calling to one another or sharing their news of the day. This symphony is sometimes punctuated by the soulful hooting of a great horned owl or the piercing cry of a red-tailed hawk ready for a sunset hunt at the edge of the woods. One of my favorite silent avian visitors, however, is the hummingbird – in summer, I love watching these magnificent creatures flit effortlessly from flower to flower, enjoying the nectar and insects our native plants have to offer. To honor the comforting, colorful presence of our region’s winged wildlife, I have included many birds in the Woodland Creatures Collection


For thousands of years, people have believed that fairies reside in the crooks and crevices of woodlands everywhere. Artists, poets, and authors have long portrayed these small, winged creatures as guardians of the secret magic of the woods – they whisper, dance, and play among the leaves, always keeping an eye on visitors from afar. If the whimsy of wooded forests inspires you, then you will enjoy the light-hearted, mystical, fairy-inspired designs I’ve created. These pieces feature versions of the sprites and wisps I imagine running and hiding throughout the hills and woods of Chadds Ford.


Whenever I’m out for my daily walk, I am never without the company of gray squirrels skittering and jumping around and above me on the trails. Their acrobatics are impressive as they run nimbly along the skinniest branches and fling their tiny bodies though the air from tree to tree. They chatter to one another, telling stories and singing songs that only they can understand. I wish I knew what they were talking about, as I would love to join the conversation. As an homage to these cute and cunning woodland creatures, I’ve created several pieces of jewelry that commemorate their energy and enthusiasm for life.


The menagerie of insects buzzing through Chadds Ford during spring and summer brings me endless inspiration. Bright red ladybugs toddle about on plants and rocks, clearing the aphids from vegetation and bringing joy to all who can spot them. Dozens of species of bees whizz through the air on their way to work, while beetles and ants march along the ground in search of their next tasks. This beautiful, multi-faceted family of bugs keeps our ecosystem balanced with their (mostly) good-natured bumbling and whirring, and I am grateful for their presence in our landscapes. I’ve created a playful, stylish collection of insect-inspired jewelry perfect for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. 

Our Favorites

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Sterling Silver Hummingbird Threader Earrings
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Bunny in the Woods Hoop Earrings
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Turquoise Hummingbird Flower Necklace
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Sterling Silver White Dove Studs
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Gold Sterling Silver Pink Sand Birdie Necklace


Each year when winter begins to thaw, I look forward to hearing the soothing song of spring peepers echoing throughout the trees. This sound reassures me that, soon, the sweet summer sun will warm my skin and my garden will be in full bloom, bathed in golden sunlight. Spring peepers, tree frogs, bull frogs, leopard frogs, and many other varieties of this joyful amphibian provide an exciting soundtrack throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and much of the East Coast during the warmer months. When I was a little girl, I used to love searching for frogs along the edges of creeks and ponds, trying to catch a sneaky glimpse of them before they launched themselves into the cool water, out of sight. To honor the ubiquitous and playful presence of frogs here in Chadds Ford, I’ve designed a range of amphibian accessories that are perfect for any nature lover, available in the Woodland Creatures Collection today!


When my boys were young, we would often travel to rural locations like upstate Pennsylvania, New York state, and even as far as Canada to take in the wildlife and have some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. Every year, I would look forward to hopefully getting a glimpse of one of my most favorite forest dwellers: the black bear. I have seen bears hunting in creeks, turning over rocks in search of insects, and even climbing trees to scavenge nuts and berries. While black bears do live here in our state, they are mostly in the northern and central parts of Pennsylvania 

– nevertheless, their playfulness, strength, and courage inspire me, so I have created several bear-themed keepsakes for the Woodland Creatures Collection that I hope you will enjoy. 


Southeastern Pennsylvania is full of creeks, rivers, and ponds, all tucked neatly into the nooks and crannies of its sprawling fields and sweeping woodlands. As a result, we are often visited by many different varieties of ducks throughout the year – mallards, with their beautiful blue/green head feathers, and wood ducks, with their stunning red eyes and bold markings, are two of my favorites. In the spring, I love watching the mother ducks carefully manage and instruct their ducklings on important tasks like swimming in calm water or waddling carefully across the trail towards safety. The bond between a mother duck and her baby echoes the bond many of us have with our own children – through caring for them and teaching them the ways of the world, we share a special connection. For this reason, I designed several duck-themed keepsakes that celebrate the mother duck/baby duckling relationship.

Collect your favorite creatures

The Woodland Creatures Collection is full of playful yet elegant keepsakes that are perfect for anyone who enjoys the magic of nature. Our range of pieces include birds, bugs, animals, and spirits, all of whom contribute to the whimsical experience of walking through the woods. Enjoy our full collection of creatures, available in the shop today.

Break free and run wild!

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  • Hi,
    Your collection somehow popped up on my Instagram today, & I’m so glad it did! I LOVE all nature inspired jewelry & decorating pieces, so your jewelry collection is right up my alley. I did place a couple of orders. The last one is only one piece, but I decided to add it after placing the larger order. Many pieces I love are out of stock, & I understand why…they’re beautiful! I look forward to new pieces for Spring & Summer, hoping that bees & flowers, butterflies, more birds & leaves are included. I’m from Lancaster County, so I’m not far away. I absolutely love the Brandywine area & the history behind it.

    Sharon Auker

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