Behind the Scenes: The Cardinal Collection

Behind the Scenes:
The Cardinal Collection

While there are many birds that come to visit my backyard, the cardinal has always been my favorite. This cheerful, eye-catching creature never fails to brighten my spirits and remind me of the powerful connection I have to those I have loved and lost over the years. When I think of friends and family who have shaped who I am, I know that I wouldn't be the mother, grandmother, or jewelry designer I am today without them. To honor their memory and to strengthen the bond that I've had with each of them, I am excited to present to you my Cardinal Collection. In this article, I'd like to share a bit more about the collection and my inspiration for this meaningful selection of keepsakes.

The Cardinal Collection

The Cardinal Collection is incredibly special to me, and it's a collection of jewelry I knew I was destined to create. For as long as I can remember, cardinals have symbolized love, strength, and an eternal connection to those I have known and loved. This beautiful, majestic bird lives on my property year-round, and I am always delighted to hear its unmistakable call outside my window. These bright birds seem to know when I'm feeling down and appear at just the right moments, making me feel warm and at peace.

In developing this collection, I knew that I would need to capture the cardinal's fiery crimson color to truly encapsulate its romantic appearance and stunning presence. You will notice a focus on bold reds and contrasting blacks, all of which are set against silver or white gold for an added element of brilliance and intrigue. Here are some of the highlights of this powerful collection: 

  • Each piece is designed to echo the remarkable magic of the cardinal

  • Base materials vary to encapsulate a range of different styles – finishes like white gold plating, sterling silver, and antique silver feature prominently

  • Finding ways to capture the cardinal’s stunning red color was a joy – the eye-catching crimson accents in the Cardinal Collection stem from hand-painted enamel, red opal, and crushed glass

  • Many of our earrings feature sterling silver posts and backings for those with sensitive skin

  • The cardinals in these pieces were directly inspired by their real-life counterparts that live here in Chadds Ford

Capture the magic of the cardinal with a piece from my new collection.

Behind the Scenes: Inspiration for The Cardinal Collection

As I planned the Cardinal Collection, I knew I wanted to spend some time researching and reflecting on this extraordinary creature. I want to share a bit about why the cardinal is so awe-inspiring and special!

About the Cardinal

The Northern Cardinal, also known as cardinalis cardinalis by the scientific community, is omnipresent here in Pennsylvania and in many parts of the world. The male of this species sports the iconic bright red feathers that most of us think of when we picture a cardinal, but the females are beautiful in their own right -- they are usually pale brown with warm hints of red, orange, and yellow. The cardinal's habitat preference is wide-ranging, which is why so many of us have the pleasure of spotting these brilliant birds outdoors: cardinals can be found in thickets, gardens, towns, and the edges of woodlands. Further, the rich, cheerful song of the male cardinal is a favorite among bird lovers -- cardinals learn different songs from their environments, so each cardinal usually has its own unique and recognizable tune. When raising young, cardinals mate for at least a year and sometimes for life, and both the male and female work to feed and care for their fledglings. 

Symbolism of the Cardinal

For many, cardinals symbolize love, devotion, and courage. They are monogamous birds who are devoted to their mates and their offspring, making them representations of togetherness and romance. There is also folklore shared by many cultures which implies that cardinals represent the presence of loved ones who have passed away. Whenever I see these birds outside my window (and I was visited by many while creating samples for this collection), I feel a heartwarming sense of connection to those who have made me who I am today. These pieces would make the perfect gift for anyone who feels a special bond with loved ones they have lost. As the saying goes, "Cardinals appear when loved ones are near."

Stand out in a crowd.

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A Colorful Collection

The Cardinal Collection is an homage not only to this unique bird with a mellifluous song but also to those I have loved and lost throughout my life. Whether you admire the beauty of the cardinal, want to keep your special connection with a loved one close to your heart, or know someone who could use a bit of cardinal-inspired cheer, I hope you'll be able to find just what you're looking for with this very personal selection of keepsakes.

Our Favorites

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Red Cardinal Heart Necklace
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Little Cardinal Ring
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Cardinal Teardrop Necklace
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Red Cardinal Heart Earrings with French Hooks
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Red Cardinal Heart Bundle
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Red Glass Cardinal Holly Branch Earrings
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Cardinal Drop Earrings
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Pink Velvet Jewelry Bag


  • Please notify me when the Red Glass Cardinal Holly Branch Earrings are available

    Susan Bonner
  • Hi, how soon will you get the sold out items back in:

    Cardinal infinity necklace
    Landscapes earrings

    Thank you

    Angela Durchholz
  • I just want you to know that I love your jewelery. I have purchased the sand birdie necklace and 2 of the cardinal necklaces.
    I am completely happy with my purchases, the packing of your product and the coupons and cardinal, I am going to call them to and from labels because that is what I am going to use them for.
    Thank you so much for the beautiful necklaces and little extras!
    You are the best!


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